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Friday, April 18, 2014
Delano Farms Blog

DeLano Farms Week Sixteen

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This Weeks Harvest

Beets:  Red, Chioggia and Golden beets.
Swiss Chard:  Ruby Red or Fordhook. The Fordhook is the traditional green leaf and white rib that has been grown for decades.  
Beans: Green Beans and Burgundy Beans, good quantities have been harvested.    
Edamame: Edible Green Soy. Pick pods off plants and boil for 3 minutes. Enjoy the bean and discard the pod. Last week for this high nutrition snack.
Herb: Basil- Excellent for pesto or chopped and added to salads or pasta.
Kale: Russian Red, big leaves and milder flavor with recent cool temps.
Squash: Summer Squash:  Zucchini, Zephyr Zucchini, Patty Pan
Tomato:  More every week. Be sure to try some heirlooms!!!

And more:…

Farm News from Farmer Pete: 

The chickens are ready for pickup. The breed is Freedom Ranger, bird that thrives on pasture. They were moved in the coop and fed farm leftovers and feeds. The birds vary in weight from 4-6+ lbs. They are for sell to CSA members for $3.00/lb. First come first served.  The taste and meat quality is a favorite of the restaurant trade. It has more flavor and texture.  The carcass is more slender than hybrids used for fast feed conversion common in the broiler industry. The skin has a beautiful yellow glow, the chicken breast is long and well proportioned, dark meat is defined and the fat is a rich yellow color.  Consider picking one up this week!

In The Fields: A season with noted weather impacts continues to make food production interesting. Some crops are thriving like Green Beans, Summer Squash and the Brassica family. The tomatoes did great with the hot weather but with days of cool weather production has slowed. Many fall crops are growing now and the upcoming harvests will provide some great eating. Stay tuned and keep the  feedback coming  about what you like and dislike…


During Labor Day weekend I managed to read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. I recommend it. A New York City writer does a story about a farmer. They fall in love and proceed to farm and create a life together. I’ll share a few quotes that I really liked:

“Food is the first Wealth. Grow it right and you feel rich, no matter what you have.”

“A farm asks and if you don’t give enough, the primordial forces of death and wildness will overrun you. So naturally you give, and then give some more and then you give to the point of breaking, and then it gives back, so bountifully it overfills…that parched and weedy little patch we call the soul.”

“A farm is a manipulative creature. There is no such thing as finished. Work comes in a stream and has no end. There are only the things that must be done now and things that can be done later.”

“A farm is a form of expression, a physical manifestation of the inner life of its farmers. The farm will reveal who they are…”

Pick it up at your local bookseller or Library!!


Pete Robertson  DeLano Farms Manager Cell 269 568-1564

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