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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Delano Farms Blog

DeLano Farms CSA Week 20

Posted 2 years 188 days ago ago by Lisa     0 Comments

This Weeks Harvest

Pak choi
A variety of cabbages
Sunflowers for seeds
Purple top turnips
Purple Carrots
Tomatoes Green/Red
Lima Beans
Pie Pumpkins
Acorn, Delicata, and Buttercup squashes
Sweet/Hot Peppers
Apples from Molter's Orchards
Bell Peppers
Salad turnips - from Cinzori

News of the Farm from Scott Fitzstephens, Farm Manager

      We are in a time of transitions, on the farm, in our country and the in world as a whole as it relates to food. We are regaining our interaction with and knowledge of food and where it comes from. But like all transitions there are ups and downs while we try to figure it all out. This land at the nature center is in transition. There is a wealth of history on this farm the Delano's began so many years ago. We are transitioning to a more active stewardship and care of the land from the past few decades which has left the soil quite infertile. But we are a capable bunch of folks here at KNC and we have the ability to make this transition back to the path of abundance. With this transition we are working overtime to rehabilitate the soil to grow healthy food, building the infrastructure to ensure it functions properly and planning for a future where our food truly is secure. But this doesn't happen in a vacuum, it takes the strength of a community to make all the pieces fit, and only with your support can it truly be Community Supported Agriculture.

     You are the community and your support in understanding our commitment to rebuilding our history and repairing the land, is the key to our success. We do this with your monetary support, one that allows us to heal the soil, buy seeds, till the fields, water the plants, and harvest the bounty. I liken the CSA much to purchasing a stock in a company. You buy the stock and hope that the leaders do their job and the stock price rises and if they are really good at their craft you see that dividend each quarter. Here on the farm, you buy stock, you get food. But unlike the stock market, the food market is at the whims of nature and it can be unpredictable. We have big plans to move the farm forward so that our community can continue supporting us in the future. We are making investments in soil fertility, greenhouses, tractors and implements, harvest equipment, and our labor force. With these investments we will increase our food production many fold, providing you with your much desired dividends of food at the end of each quarter (I mean end of week).

     We are delighted that you chose to support the ongoing efforts to restore our local food system. It is not perfect and it is getting better. The disconnect between farmer and consumer is getting smaller. We have had several generations of industrial food production hidden behind a cloud of mystery. That veil is lifted when we support local farm endeavors and the farms that provide us with great nutritious food. You get first hand knowledge and interaction with those that grow the food you put in your body. So what I am I asking you to do? Buy stock in the farm. Buy stock in your future. Buy stock in the land. Support the farm like you own it, because you do!  Help us make the dream come true where you can feel great about the food that is on you tables. It gives me great pride to grow food for all of you knowing what it does for the health of your family and our planet. It will be an honor to stand side by side with all of you sharing in that pride, knowing that what we are doing here is much more than just growing food.

     Feel free to contact me to discuss our plans on the farm, talk about how we are building a better community, chat about why food is just so important. I know we all have something to offer each other.

See you on the farm!

Farmer Scott

Cell 269 568-1564

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