Join us for Spring Camp, April 2-6!

Each day campers will explore the Nature Center with theme-related and age-appropriate outdoor exploration, stories, art, games, activities, journaling/observation time, and hikes. Campers will be divided by age and grade into smaller groups when appropriate. 

Check out the different themes each day below – come for one or all 4 days!  Register for multiple camps and receive $5 off of each additional camp.

Ages 4-5: Half-Day Camps

Meet: Visitor Center, Lower Level Classroom, 9 am – noon
Fee: Members $20/day, Non-members $25/day 
Materials: Bring a water bottle and wear weather-appropriate clothing. We will provide a snack. No electronics or distracting toys, please.

Grades 1-5: Full-Day Camps

Meet: Camp, Lower Level, 9 am – 5 pm
Fee: Members $40/day, Non-members $45/day
Materials: Bring a sack lunch (with snacks if desired) and a water bottle. Wear weather-appropriate clothing. No electronics or distracting toys, please.

Campers at Nature's Playground

For camp questions: Registrar (269) 381-1574 ext 24 or email register@naturecenter.org

Camp Director: Lauren Lott
(269) 381-1574 ext 24 or email lknollenberg@naturecenter.org

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Ages 4 & 5 Half Day Camp Themes
Monday, April 2: Sing Like a Bird!

Springtime is for the birds! Birds are coming back home, making new nests and growing new feathers. Meet a live feathered friend to learn more!

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Tuesday, April 3: Do the Frog Hop

Frogs are popping up from their winter nap and hopping around looking for a good pond! Learn what will make the best froggy home and meet a live frog!

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Wednesday, April 4: Running Rabbits

Rabbits are ready to run and kick up their feet! Join in with games that will have you moving and learning about rabbits. Get to know one of our rabbit educators.

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Thursday, April 5: Smell with Snakes

Explore all your senses with snakes! Go on a senses hike to see the world like a snake and then meet a real snake to compare notes.

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Friday, April 6: I, Insect

Insects can be your best friend! Dig into the world of insects and you will understand the important role they have in your life. Look at some insects up close and see what makes them the best.

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Grades 1-5 Full Day Camp Themes
Monday, April 2: KNC Possible

Put your survival skills to the test by completing a secret mission! Warm up with a "training" session and then recieve your packet of clues and leads. Follow the trail to complete your mission!

Tuesday, April 3: Creativity Abound

Calling all art enthusiasts! This day is for you to showcase your talent, try different mediums and learn about nature inspiration.

Wednesday, April 4: Adapt-an-Animal

Animals are amazing with their adaptations. Examine skulls, follow tracks and meet some live animals up close to learn more about their tools for survival.

Thursday, January 5: Earth Heroes

Once upon a time, you saved the Earth. Complete tasks like animal identification, team building challenges and riddle solving, in a Choose-Your-Adventure style day to see how you saved the Earth.

Garden Masters

Gardening 101: Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Learn how to identify plants, plan a garden and even work in the camp garden. This day is a great start on a green thumb.

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