ArchersAdventure Camp: Grades 6-8

Adventure Skills

Don’t climb the walls at home this summer, go on an ADVENTURE! Learn the skills needed for a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Practice leadership and teambuilding skills in a canoe, on the archery range, at the Low Ropes Course and on the Zip Line. Practice camping skills like fire building, camp site selection, and orienteering. Go wild with the wildlife and get ready for adventure!


Adventure Treks

Are you ready for the ultimate camp experience? Camp out 4 nights and 5 days and REALLY explore the KNC property and beyond. Learn backcountry camping skills like trip planning, food preparation, campsite selection, Leave No Trace Principles and proper gear use. Gain leadership and teamwork experience on the Low Ropes Challenge Course, Zip Line and Kalamazoo River Paddling adventures. Each trek is different, but all are amazing!

NATURE TREKS RUN 9 AM MONDAY - 5 PM FRIDAY. OVERNIGHT CAMPOUTS ARE MONDAY–THURSDAY NIGHTS. TENTS AND MEALS ARE PROVIDED. TENTS ARE SHARED WITH SAME GENDERED CAMPERS ONLY. *Participants should be able to carry 30lb packs, walk two miles a day and relieve themselves in areas where there are no facilities available.  |  $375 MEMBER, $400 NON-MEMBER

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Adventure Skills Camp Sessions
Session 1: June 18-22  |  Wild Work

Get a head start on exploring awesome wildlife careers and get up close and personal with animals. Watch a health exam with a KNC bird of prey then learn more about bird research. Go off site to see how other animal care facilities keep their animals and get a peek behind the scenes.


Session 2: June 25-29  |  Natural Artistry

You have drawn everything you can and you have dabbled in paint. Now try your hand with paper-making and bookbinding with the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. Use your handmade journal all week to keep your art and inspiration together. Not only will you practice the classics, you will play with clay, become a shutterbug and try some mediums that you may not expect.


Session 4: July 16-20  |  Burrows and Badgers


Your realm of Coyoteton is at risk of invasion! Decide who you are and what is your role on the team, then get to campaigning! Complete tasks to gain skill points in stealth, strength and more. The more skills gained the better chance you have in the battle for your home.


Session 5: July 23-2 | Survival Master

You may know a little something about surviving in the woods but are you ready to take it to the next step. Find out how to build the best fires in the worst situations, navigate yourself to be un-lost and what to do when you forget your water bottle at home. Join experienced counselors in the fun of mastering the woods!


Session 7: August 6-10  |  Future Farmers

Maybe you want to have a farm someday or maybe you like digging in the dirt. Get a taste of the farmer life by harvesting in the garden, caring for farm animals and maintaining your tools. It’s not work, it’s a lifestyle!

Session 8: August 13-17  |  Aqua-ventures!

Water is life! Experience everything water with swimming and fishing. Paddle on the home pond then go sailing at Pretty Lake.  Test for water quality with experiments and search for macroinvertebrates. It’s always an adventure when you play with water!


Adventure Trek Sessions
Session 3: July 9-13  |  Adventurology

Nature is your second home. It’s day hikes to beautiful places, bike rides on the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and testing your skills as a climber. Then at the end of the day hang out with your friends around campfires that you made and look up at the stars knowing that this is what you’ve been waiting for.


Session 6: July 30-August 3  |  Time Travel Trek

Travel back in time in Southwest Michigan! Discover the Earth’s past with natural land formations and forest succession. Practice the skills people had to use when living with the land and visit a museum to learn more of their personal stories.


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