My first nature campMy First Nature Camp: Age 3, with parent/guardian

Make your child’s first camp experience memorable, educational, and most of all, fun! Join us for story time, see wild animals in their natural settings, make new friends, and use your senses to enjoy the wonders of nature! KNC CAMP staff will use age-appropriate activities, crafts, games, and nature walks to help your child explore nature in a fun and safe way each day. Come learn and play!


Materials: Bring a sack lunch (with snacks if desired) and a water bottle. Wear weather-appropriate clothing. No electronics or distracting toys, please.

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My First Nature Camp Schedule
Tuesday, June 26 | Friendly Frogs

Frogs can jump, leap and swim--just like you! Become fast friends with our slippery and active amphibians and meet a real, live frog!

Wednesday, June 27 | Turtle-ly Awesome

Can you carry your home on your back? Learn what it takes to be turtle enough for the turtle club and meet one of our turtle educators!

Thursday, June 28 | Little Owl

With see-in-the-dark eyes and silent wings, owls rule the night!  Enjoy a visit from a LIVE owl; discover the best “tools” to have when staying up past dark!

Friday, June 29 | My First Farm Camp: Chickens

Roosters, chickens and chicks oh my! Strut on over to the farm and see our chicken family and what job they do on the farm!

Tuesday, July 24 | Mighty Mice

These little mammals have all the skills to be superheroes! Come meet one up close and learn what makes them so mighty.

Wednesday, July 25 | Slither N’ Slide

S is for Snake with their superior slithering, smelling and shimmying. Meet a LIVE snake!

Thursday, July 26 | Sky Hunters

Who is soaring so high in the sky? Learn more from our Hawk educator and see what makes them great sky hunters!

Friday, July 27 | My First Farm Camp: Goats

Come see goofy goats, play goofy goat games and frolic and romp on the farm!

Tuesday, August 7 | Salamander Safari

Go on a salamander safari and meet one of our salamander ambassadors to learn more about these slippery friends..

Wednesday, August 8 | Butterfly Ballerinas

Flitter, flutter and flap your way to the Butterfly Garden and search high and low for all life stages of butterflies.

Thursday, August 9 | Rascally Rabbits

Meet a bunny then  hop, wiggle and run to learn about rabbits!

Friday, August 10 | My First Farm Camp: Ponies

Visit our farmyard pony, learn how animals work on the farm and enjoy a tractor drawn wagon ride!

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