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Donate to KNC's Annual Fund

For nearly six decades, KNC’s iconic pedestrian bridge to the Visitor Center has been a popular passageway for the tens of thousands who come here 
each year. And for good reason. Thump across its redwood decking and you’re soon transported from the concrete din of the modern world into the leafy 
green serenity of nature. 
When first built, the bridge provided sweeping views of a young forest. Now, both the trees and KNC have grown tall and strong; and the bridge seems suspended amid the forest canopy. Yet organizations, no less than trees, have seasons of trial and growth. As for 2020 … few years have been more trying and unpredictable than this one!
That’s why, as we celebrate KNC’s 60th Anniversary, we request your exceptional support of our annual Fall Appeal. Your gift will help keep grounds and facilities open, all while keeping safety foremost in mind. Your gift will help close KNC’s 60th Anniversary year on a high note, at a time when funding from other revenue sources has steeply declined.  
In a year when so much has changed, it’s good to know that some things remain the same. The KNC bridge still resounds with the footfalls of hundreds of visitors each week. Exhibits, though altered, still stimulate the senses and inspire visitors to strike out into the natural world. Sixteen miles of trails, which lead through 1,200 acres, still showcase a stunning variety of wild, Southwest Michigan habitats. Programs, though modified, still provide visitors with meaningful opportunities to experience the natural world. 
We’ve set an $80,000 goal for our 2020 Fall Appeal. Your support today couldn’t be more important. Thank you for providing part of the crucial financial bridge that will carry KNC into the year ahead.

KNC is a private, non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) formed in 1960. We are supported by membership and admission fees, monetary and in-kind donations, program and service fees, foundation grants, and endowment earnings.