Swallowtail butterfly

Annual Fund (Spring Appeal)

Thank you for giving to the Kalamazoo Nature Center!

 Butterflies are what scientists call an “indicator species.” Indicator species can tell us about habitat health and inform land restoration or protection activities. Among our regional indicator species are pollinators, including butterflies, birds, bats, and bees. A pollinator habitat that has been restored or protected not only serves the butterflies that live there, but a whole community of species living under that species “umbrella.” It takes a community of caring, passionate people to successfully manage habitats for all the creatures that exist within them. Their work is critical to understanding local habitats and the dynamics of our coexistence with the natural world.

Similarly, gifts to KNC’s annual fund are important indicators of organizational health. In part, this critical support indicates the degree to which our community values our work in the areas of education, research, and conservation. Importantly, annual fund donations also ensure access to KNC’s programs and amenities for everyone living under the greater Kalamazoo area “umbrella,” regardless of circumstance.

It takes a caring, passionate donor community to provide over $100,000 for KNC operations each year. Your support helps restore and protect valuable habitats and ensures that our work is increasingly accessible to all. We’re all in this together.