Chickadee on Redbud


Spring’s arrival is a wonderful time of year for many reasons – not the least of which is the sound of migrating birds returning as a part of our daily experience. We hope you are enjoying this part of spring as much as we are here at KNC’s Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory (KVBO).

As a new research season gets underway, we invite your support of the KVBO through the Southwest Michigan Team Birdathon. This 31st annual event will again include the KVBO’s own “Catbirders” team: John Brenneman, Brenda Keith, Rich Keith, and Todd Alfes. The team will embark on a day-long trip to Berrien County for Birdathon on Saturday, May 18th. They anticipate encountering 100+ bird species in this annual competition to identify the county’s spring birds. You can support KNC and the KVBO’s 2019 research season by pledging to the team’s Birdathon effort.

As in recent years, the team’s goal is to raise $15,000. This is roughly one tenth of the KVBO’s $160,000 annual operating budget. Your gift, large or small, will help sustain KVBO research and the resulting data that guides land management decisions for KNC and our partners throughout greater Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan. 

A donation of a set amount will be appreciated. Or, you may make a per-species pledge. For example, a pledge of $2 per species, when multiplied by 100 species, would equal a $200 donation. Either way you give, your donation provides for the supplies, equipment, facilities, and staff that are critical to the KVBO - one of the largest inland bird banding stations in the United States.

The KVBO contributes significantly to avian research at a national and international level through multiple collaborations. The information gathered at the KVBO provides insight into bird behavior, relationships, adaptations, and environments. Because healthy ecosystems are a key to the well-being of birds, the knowledge gained through KVBO research helps inform important decisions about the natural resources upon which we all depend.

Thank you for supporting the important research conducted at KNC’s Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory. We look forward to sharing Birdathon 2019 results with you in June!