Then and NowDonate to Camp Scholarship Fund at KNC

It was true then, and remains true today: kids and people of all ages need time in the natural world to lead healthy lives. At KNC’s founding 60 years ago,
protecting and providing access to natural spaces was at the heart of our work. Six decades later, this important work continues – thanks in large part to the generosity of our community.

What our founders sensed in the 1960’s is now backed by ample research. We know the benefits of time in nature are numerous and profound. We also know that early, positive outdoor experiences set the stage for life-long connections to nature. At KNC, summer camp is among those experiences that most deeply immerse our young people in the wonder and value of the natural world. Since its inception in 2005, KNC’s Camp Scholarship Fund has  supplemented hundreds of camp experiences. Children of all ages and backgrounds have been given the chance to explore, play, learn, and grow at
KNC camp – despite significant financial or other obstacles.

In recent years, KNC has stepped boldly into non-traditional, camp-inspired programs that extend our reach to underserved audiences. Through multiple partnerships, we’ve adapted camp experiences to meet specific cultural needs and interests. KNC’s scholarship fund has been integral for serving our community more completely. With your support, KNC can provide our increasingly diverse community with access to natural spaces, just as our founders envisioned. Yes, the places and faces have changed, but the commitment remains the same. Thank you for helping us reach our 2020 scholarship fund goal of $30,000.