Camp rainbowDonate to Camp Scholarship Fund at KNC

KNC Camp is a wonderful experience for over 1,000 children each year. KNC’s Camp Scholarship Fund ensures these experiences are accessible to every child, regardless of economic circumstance. Your generosity combines with others’ to ensure that every child can make vital connections with the natural world.

Today, the need for KNC scholarships remains both present and changing. In partnership with local organizations, KNC has identified a growing need to adapt traditional KNC Camp experiences to better serve under-represented audiences.
These partnerships have helped KNC identify barriers between marginalized groups and access to the natural world. In turn, we are able to reshape KNC Camp experiences to address these barriers. This means more children are experiencing the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical benefits of exposure to the natural world. This also means the need for KNC Camperships are greater than ever.

With your support, we are excited to continue expanding the impact of KNC’s Camp Scholarship Fund. Beyond a week of fun in the sun, KNC Camp experiences impart life and leadership skills in the context of nature-based learning. These skills provide invaluable portals to academic and career tracts associated with the natural sciences. They also help foster a lifelong appreciation of the natural world, and an ethic of caring for the natural resources upon which we all depend. Thank you for giving generously so that no child misses the chance to enjoy a KNC Camp experience.