Fair Food MattersFair Food Matters

The Fair Food Matters Program provides food and garden based education  to educate, connect, and empower youth experiencing systematic oppression, through food and garden-based hands-on learning experiences.

NEW! Join director Brionne Fonville In the Garden each week as she talks about where food comes from, how to grow it, how to prepare it, and why it matters.

Woodward Students and community volunteers plant pole beans togetherProgram History

Fair Food Matters began in 2001 as an educational resource for issues in the food system. As the local food movement grew in Kalamazoo, FFM honed in on creating food and garden based experiential education for local youth. In 2007, FFM partnered with Woodward School for Technology and Research. In collaboration with various local educators and partners, the existing garden was transformed into an outdoor classroom where students apply in-class learning as they develop important life skills and connect with the natural world.

The gardening and environmental education programs facilitated by FFM at Woodward School have a new home within KNC’s Department of Learning and Engagement. The addition of this program will enable KNC to continue FFM’s mission.

In the Garden

Over 300 students are involved in learning activities in the garden each year. Woodward students apply math, science, language arts, creative arts, history, nutrition, physical education, and more as they learn how to garden organically from seed to compost. Students are excited to eat the fresh food they have grown. Ever had kindergarteners begging to eat broccoli?  We have! The Woodward Garden has several areas for vegetables, herbs, strawberries, and perennial flowers, including a native pollinator bed.

Woodward Students transplant lettuce in the springEmphasis on Equity

The Fair Food Matters Program is especially committed to making food and garden based learning opportunities available in parts of the Kalamazoo community that have historically faced food apartheid and other forms of systemic opression. We seek to educate about food with an awareness that this right is not afforded to all communities. Our staff strives to use Anti-bias/Anti-racism teaching techniques (ABAR) to “support all children’s full development in our multiracial, multilingual, multicultural world and give them the tools to stand up to prejudice, stereotyping, bias, and eventually to institutional ‘isms’” 2 as we explore the importance of food in our everyday lives, in hopes of contributing to a food sovereign Kalamazoo.  Photo by Keith Muma

Kalamazoo College’s Just Food Collective host Club Grub students on a field trip to lend a hand at their hoop houseAfter School Programs: Club Grub & Good Food Crew

Club Grub is an after school program at Woodward Elementary that explores healthy eating, gardening, and community. In partnership with Kalamazoo College's Center for Civic Engagement, we use games, hands-on activities, group discussions and field trips to learn about nutrition, organic gardening, recipes, cooking basics, and where food comes from. We make a healthy snack or meal to eat every week as we learn about different foods! Food is a big, important part of our lives. Club Grub creates a space for children to share their experiences and ideas about what they eat.  We aim to build life-long healthy eating habits and share the community aspect of food. We believe kids should be able to nourish their own bodies and minds, and feel empowered to share what they discover with their families and community. 

We offer a condensed version of this year-long after school program at various locations called “Good Food Crew”, in which we learn about the same subjects in 5-7 weeks. Photo by Keith Muma


Meet FFM's Director

Brionne FonvilleBrionne Fonville has transitioned from her role with FFM to serve as Program Director at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. She is charged with continuing the core work of FFM and with integrating that work into KNC’s farm-based youth programs. Fonville shared, “I am excited to join the KNC team and to have their support as we deepen our impact toward the goal of a food sovereign Kalamazoo. I believe that the missions of each organization complement one another. KNC’s commitment to the environment will enhance the scope of FFM’s food justice work, just as FFM’s equity lens will inform KNC’s work in connecting people to the natural world." Photo by Keith Muma

Contact: Brionne at bfonville@naturecenter.org

Jen releasing Monarch butterflies with her class in the Woodward garden

"A lot of our kids have never learned about the origins of food or healthy eating habits. By growing things through the garden programs and preparing fresh foods at Club Grub, our students gain valuable experiences, expand their vocabulary, learn to try new things and eat tasty, whole foods. The garden not only grows food and flowers, but helps us grow healthy minds and bodies, too."

- Jen Rice, long time Woodward teacher and former Fair Food Matters Board member