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In the GardenIn the Garden With Miss Bri!

Post Date: Sunday, April 5, 2020

Happy Sunday, everyone! My name is Brionne Fonville, but most of my friends in Kalamazoo Public Schools know me as Miss Bri. I am the director of the Fair Food Matters Program at KNC. I am so lucky to be able to teach students about where food comes from, how to grow it and prepare it, and why it matters. Usually at this time of year I am gearing up to garden alongside students at Woodward Elementary. Even though we won’t be back at school this year, I’m going to keep the Woodward garden growing so the harvest  is ready to be enjoyed once we are all reunited. In the coming weeks, I will invite you to join me in the Woodward garden, my kitchen, my backyard, and some of my other favorite outdoor places to learn with me as I plant, explore, and share some of the fun activities we typically do together. In addition to growing with me online, I hope that you can try some of these food and garden activities at home!

For today, I’m going to leave you with a #FairFoodChallenge. April is a rainy month! I appreciate what rain does for our gardens, and I also look forward to the rainbows we can find in the sky when sunlight is refracted and reflected by raindrops. I encourage you to not only hunt for a rainbow outside after the rain, but to eat one! That’s right, I want you to go rainbow foraging in your kitchen.

Did you know that a colorful plate of fruits and veggies is a nutritionally diverse plate? When you “eat the rainbow,” you get different phytonutrients from each color that provide many benefits for your body.

Rainbow SmoothiesYour challenge is to make a recipe using fresh food from every color of the rainbow, and share your recipe photos with us! Below is one of our favorite recipes in our Club Grub after school program, Rainbow Smoothies. Pictured below are students from Communities In Schools at Northglade elementary trying this recipe in our Good Food Crew Program.

In a blender, combine:

1 cup of orange juice, fresh squeezed or from the carton

2 cups of mixed berries (we use strawberries and blueberries)

1 or 2 bananas (frozen bananas are a great way to skip the ice!)

1 handful of greens, like spinach or kale (trust us on this one!)

1 cup of yogurt (we like vanilla!)

We hope you share your rainbow food recipes with us on Facebook!