Youth Climate Leaders

Youth Climate Leaders Peer Education Program

We are looking for youth that are interested in building their knowledge and skills for leadership in climate change advocacy. We are excited to support youth who want to increase their ability to teach and speak to their peers about environmental issues that are impacting their community and their world. These might be young people who have not previously had background knowledge of climate change but have an eagerness to learn about changing the way our societal structures address the human connection to our environment. We are looking to engage young folks from all walks of life looking to influence their peers in positive ways to make changes for our collective futures surrounding climate change.

Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) Peer Education is a comprehensive 40-hour training program for young people ages 13 to 17. The program gives teens the tools to advocate for a resilient future and share accurate information with peers and community.

For Questions regarding program and application please contact program coordinator - Amber Hejl at Ahejl@gmail.com

Application deadline extended to June 26, 2020!


Our Goals

Goal 1: Help develop a local network of skilled and knowledgeable youth climate leaders through a peer education model. 

Goal 2: Support a network of knowledgeable youth climate leaders toward empowering increased local engagement in climate change work. 

Goal 3: Facilitate youth involvement in building community resilience through annual peer education programming and networking. 

Goal 4: Connect youth leaders with resources to support their plans, goals, and actions. 

Goal 5: Support year long leadership development through bi-weekly meetings with peer educators.  

Youth Goals:

To be developed by youth climate leaders during our training week.



Program available to Kalamazoo County youth. 

Peer Educators must be enrolled in high school for 20/21 school year (Currently attending grades 8th-11th) 

Submit a completed application 

Submit the recommendation form from a teacher, counselor or adult mentor. 

Must have parent or guardian permission to participate 

Must be able to attend full 40hr training program and 80% of bi-monthly school year meetings (we are willing to work with you if there are transportation concerns)

Must come with a commitment to the program, willingness to learn, share your own voice, and openness to ideas and value perspectives other than your own 

Demonstrate healthy decision making skills and behaviors while serving as a positive role model for their peers

Time management is very important. Peer educators are expected to make their program participant tasks and duties a priority.

an eagerness to learn about climate change, no background knowledge required

Benefits of being a Peer Educator:

Join a community of youth interested in learning about climate change

Earn a stipend based on hours invested in meeting attendance and peer education 

Gain public speaking, empathy and listening skills

Looks great on job and college applications

Gain professional development, leadership and time management skills

Groundwork training in topics related to climate change/action

Network with city, county, state, and national organizations and potential future employers


Application deadline extended to June 26, 2020

Announcement of Acceptance: July 3, 2020

Training week: August 17-22, 10am-5pm Monday - Friday. Friday overnight retreat, thru Saturday @ 12pm

Regular meetings begin Week of September 21, 2020

Submit a recommendation letter from a teacher counselor or adult mentor via email to the program coordinator Ahejl@naturecenter.org

For Questions regarding program and application please contact program coordinator - Amber Hejl at Ahejl@gmail.com