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Invite KNC to pop-up at your outdoor location! We have taken some of our tried-and-true programs, added a few new ones, and made them portable. We’re taking them on the road, directly to you! We’re taking them on the road, directly to you! KNC will come to parks, green spaces in your neighborhood or apartment complex, or even a large backyard. Programs include nature activities and a movement element, investigation, or craft. You provide the space, participants and at least one adult to supervise. We’ll bring the rest! Fee: $100.00 for a one-hour program at your location with up to 10 youth participants and at least one adult. Please contact JRice@NatureCenter.org with questions or to register.

Interested in supporting kids getting outdoors in the era of virtual school? Donate to our scholarship fund here. Thanks for helping us bring programs to those with financial barriers.

Our Pop-up Program fee is a flat rate fee. While the maximum number of youth participants is 10; we welcome groups of 10 or less who pay the flat fee.

Community and School Programming: Pop-up Programs are designed for small groups. They are perfect for birthday parties, youth groups, play groups, etc. If you are interested in programming for larger groups, field trips to the Nature Center or having KNC come to your school or organization with programming, please contact Jrice@naturecenter.org for more information and pricing.

Programs with the same themes as the Pop-up Programs can be provided for larger groups.


Pop Up Program Descriptions

The following is a list of currently offered Pop Up Programs. Check back as we add more topics and seasonal programming!

Weather Wise - New Program! 
Grade: PreK-First Grade
Learn about the weather! What makes up the weather, the four seasons we experience and how the weather within those effects our daily lives.  
Topics: sun, earth, land, water, four seasons 
Optional: Meet an animal who gets ready for the weather similar to how we do. 

Water Wonderland  - New Program!
Grade: First - Third Grade
Enhance your experience of living in the Great Lakes State by investigating water and its properties. Participate in hands-on activities exploring the water cycle. Onsite groups can choose to focus more closely on groundwater or surface water field investigations in an outdoor session.  

Hatch and Grow - New Program! 
Grade: First - Third Grade
Learn about different animal life cycles and how adults care for their young.  Animals have many different adaptations that help them survive. Learn how some animals change form and how they compare across species. 
Topics: Animal life cycles, animal needs, characteristics of heredity adaptations 

Backyard Animals - New Program! 
Grade: PreK-First Grade
Meet an owl! Learn about owl habitat, diet, hunting patterns, and adaptations.  Students will have the opportunity to observe various owl artifacts like a skull, feathers, and a talon. Get a chance to meet a live screech owl! 
Topics: Living and Nonliving, Adaptations, Animal Needs 

Michigan Mammals - New Program! 
Third-Fifth Grade 
Learn about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores using actual animal artifacts.  Students will have the opportunity to observe and feel various animal furs and skulls to identify and differentiate various mammals in Michigan. 
Topics: carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, animal adaptations 

A Sense of Nature Scavenger Hunt 
All ages, but specifically well suited for PreK-First Grade  
Investigate many of nature’s wonders using your five senses and gain a new perspective. Observe the colors, shapes, patterns and textures of natural objects and get curious about the world around you! 
Topics: Living & non-living, observations, questions & patterns, senses 

Bird Habits and Migration                                                                                                                  
Grade: Kindergarten-3rd grade 
Explore the natural space around you by focusing on birds. Search for signs of birds and all of the things they need to survive, build a bird nest, and play a migration game. Develop a better understanding  of the needs and importance of birds in our world. 
Topics: Animal needs and characteristics, survival challenges, adaptation and diversity  

Who Eats Whom? (Food web) 
Grade:  4th–5th Grade 
Build a food chain from the ground up and follow the flow of energy from producers to consumers and from sunlight into soil. Get active, meet a live animal and discover who eats whom in the forest.  
Topics: Flow of energy, trophic levels, food chain components, habitat characteristics, environmental changes, animal traits & survival 

Super Seeds 
Grade: 1st–3rd Grade 
We are on a search for seed travelers! Discover the secrets of the plant life cycle; how it grows and reproduces and why plants’ flowers and seeds are so different. 
Topics: Animal and plant needs, life cycle, plant characteristics, plant parts and importance of sunlight (photosynthesis) 

Michigan’s Natural Resources 
Grade: 4th-6th grade  
Discover some of our most important natural resources from water and timber to rocks and minerals. Learn where they come from and how we depend on them. Onsite, focus on how our landscape was formed long ago by glaciers, and what clues to our past we can find in the very rocks around us! 
Topics: Local geography, maps, identification of natural resources, human use of natural resources, renewable vs nonrenewable resources, Michigan history 

Incredible Insects 
Grade:  1st-3rd Grade 
Insects may be small, but they can be found thriving in diverse and amazing habitats. Learn what sets insects apart from other bugs by learning about their different characteristics and the life cycle of an insect. Catch your own bug and compare it to what you’ve learned about insects.  Meet a live bug brought by the educator.  
Topics: insects, insect body parts, life cycle, adaptations, metamorphosis  

A Forest’s Family Album (Trees and plant life stages) 
Grade: 1st-3rd 
Learn about parts of a tree and their function.  In the woods, we will examine each stage of a tree’s life.  As we move through the tree’s life cycle, learn how each stage is important in its growth and how each stage contributes to the forest habitat in which it lives.  Discuss why and how we should preserve a healthy and well balanced forest. 
Topics: form and function, energy flow, photosynthesis, ecosystem 

Once Upon A Raptor (additional fee)
Grade: All Ages 
Experience the living stories of Michigan raptors in our Bird of Prey special. Our animal handler/educator will take the audience into the minds and habits of these unique birds, and explore how their stories are not so separate from our own.  
Topics: animal needs, adaptations, habitats, human impact 

Introduction to Mindfulness in Nature and Zentangle 
Grade:  All ages 
Learn how the practice of paying attention to the present moment can train your brain to focus. Learn how nature can help you be mindful.  Practice breathing and noticing outdoors. Practice a mindfulness art technique called Zentangle that helps promote mindfulness, calm and focus.  
Topics:  Mindfulness, brain function/focus, calming techniques, benefits of nature on nervous system, Zentangle introduction