Preschooler on a logSchool Programs for PreK and Kindergarten

View each program below for details on programs specially designed for PreK and Kindergarten.  Not finding exactly what you are looking for? Give us a call to design a custom program to meet your time frame and educational needs!  For an entire list of programs, view our School Programs Brochure.

Call the Kalamazoo Nature Center Registrar at (269) 381-1574 ext. 24 or email her to set up your visit.

Helpful Information when Calling:

•   Organization name, phone number, address.
•   Contact person for confirmation and materials.
•   Program choice/alternate choices, dates & times.
•   Grade, age and number (students and adults) of participants.
•   Name(s) of teacher(s).
•   Schedule time for exhibits, lunch and gift shop.
•   Method of payment.

PreK & Kindergarten Courses
A Sense of Nature

Grade:  PreK-Kindergarten         

When:  Fall/Winter/Spring at KNC, Anytime at Your Place

Investigate many of nature’s wonders using your five senses and gain a new perspective. Observe the colors, shapes, patterns and textures of natural objects and get curious about the world around you!

Topics: Living & non-living, observations, questions & patterns, senses, maps

At KNC:  $130, 1.5 hour indoor/outdoor program - includes a guided hike!

At Your Place:  $180, .75 hour indoor program



Backyard Animal: Owl

Backyard Animal: Owl 

Grade: PreK–Kindergarten        

When:  Fall/Winter/Spring at KNC, Anytime at Your Place

Learn about animal needs, animal homes, and the 

awe-inspiring adaptations that help them to thrive in our backyards! Listen to a story about a brave little owl and then meet a live screech owl!  Ask about adding on a guided nature hike at KNC!

Topics: Animal needs, living and non-living, habitats, adaptations

At KNC: $115, .75 hour indoor, live animal program

At Your Place: $180, .75 hour indoor, live animal program



Farm to Food

Farm to Food

Grade: PreK-Kindergarten 

When: Fall/Spring at KNC 

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from or what our food needs to grow? Explore KNC’s DeLano Farm to find out! 

Topics: Food sources, animal products, plant growth 

At KNC: $115, 1.5 hour outdoor program, live animal program



Green Plants Grow

Green Plants Grow

Grade: PreK-Kindergarten

When: Winter @ KNC, Anytime @ Your Place

They’re green and all around us, but often overlooked. Take a closer look at plants with KNC, learning about what plants need to grow, how they grow, and why they’re so important.  Program includes the opportunity to meet a plant loving animal.

Topics: Earth materials, living and non-living, plant parts, seeds, seed transportation

At KNC: $130, 1.5 hour indoor/outdoor, live animal program– includes a guided hike!

At Your Place: $180, .75 hour indoor, live animal program



Life on a Pioneer Farm

DeLano Homestead

Life on a Pioneer Farm

Grade: PreK - 5th grade

When:  Fall/Spring at KNC 

Travel back in time to a historic 1850’s homestead to learn how settlers used domesticated animals and natural resources to make a life. From cabin to farmhouse, help with seasonal chores, use 19th-century tools, and take part in living history! 

Activities vary based on both season and grade level, but this program is broken down into four main seasonal themes: Fall Harvest (Sept-October), Preparing for Winter (November-December), Spring’s First Crop: Maple Sugaring (Feb-April), and Spring/Summer Farming (April-June).

Topics: Chronological thinking, family life in the past, historical narrative, use of environment, Natural Resources, Lifestyles over time, environmental impact, Culture, Michigan and US History

At KNC: $130 (1.5 hour)-140(2 hour), 1.5-2 hour indoor/outdoor program

Weather Wise


Weather Wise

Grade: PreK–Kindergarten 

When:  Fall/Winter/Spring at KNC, Anytime at      Your Place

Take a look at the highs and lows of the weather! The KNC Weather Wizard will help you look on the bright side of any weather forecast. 

Topics: sun, land, air, water, weather types, four seasons, severe weather and safety

at KNC: $115, .75 hour indoor program

at Your Place: $180, .75 hour indoor program



Fun for All Ages
Guided Hike

Guided Hike

Grade: All 

When:  Fall/Winter/Spring @ KNC, Anytime @ Your Place

Rent one of our naturalists to explore a Kalamazoo Nature Center trail. Our educators will help your students engage with our trails, guiding them to use their senses to make observations, build connections, and investigate the natural phenomena they discover on their hike. Choose between forest, prairie, or wetland!

Topics: Earth materials, Living and non-living, plant parts

At KNC: $75, .75-1 hour outdoor, time dependent on selected trail.


Maple Sugaring: Sap to Syrup

Maple Sugaring: Sap to Syrup

Grade: All

When:  March at KNC

Hike to the sugar bush and learn how a maple forest helps us make liquid gold! Visit the sugar house, smell the sap boiling and taste real Michigan maple syrup. Activities vary based on age.

Topics: Plant needs, parts and life cycle, solar energy & seasons, biotic/abiotic components, Michigan history and natural resources.

At KNC: $130, 1.5 hour indoor/outdoor program – includes a guided hike!


Once Upon a Raptor

Once Upon A Raptor

Grade: All Ages

When: Anytime at KNC, Anytime at Your Place

Experience the living stories of three Michigan raptors in our Birds of Prey special. Our animal handlers and educators will take the audience into the minds and habits of four unique birds, and explore how their stories are not so separate from our own. This one hour program is appropriate for both classrooms and auditoriums.

Topics: animal needs, adaptations, habitats, human impact

At KNC: $155, 1 hour indoor program, live animals program

At Your Place: $205, 1 hour indoor classroom program, live animals program, auditorium pricing will vary


Custom Program

Custom Program

Grade: All Grades

When:  Anytime

Not finding exactly what you are looking for? Give us a call to design a custom program to meet your timeframe and educational needs! 

Time & Price will vary.