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Garlic Mustard Pull May 18-24

Garlic Mustard Pull Challenge | May 18-24

Garlic Mustard, Alliaria petiolata, The "Pretty" Pest!

Help KNC send this invasive pest packing! Join us May 18-24, to see how much garlic mustard we can pull! Once you recognize garlic mustard, you’ll see it everywhere! There is nothing "pretty" about the damage garlic mustard can cause to sensitive ecosystems by crowding out native plant species. It's important to remove the entire plant at its roots before it goes to seed in late spring. Now is the perfect time, as it's easy to identify and is easy to pull after rain. Pull 2 bags or more and get a free copy of KNC's Pest to Pesto 2 cookbook!

Garlic Mustard IDHow to get involved:

Sign up online here.  Come to KNC (trails are open to Members only Sunday and Monday, and free to all visitors Tuesday-Saturday). Collect your bags at the Welcome Station (WS).

► Head to one of the mapped areas of garlic mustard hotspots. View/download a map here.

► Be sure to identify the plant correctly. Check out the Michigan Invasive Species Information Network site for a great identification tool.

► Pull the entire plant, getting as much of the roots as possible.

► Place all pulled plants in a trash bag, and leave bags at the grassy area at Maintenance Center entry and designated drop off points along the trails.

► Please clean out the treads of your footwear in when moving between picking locations or leaving for the day. It is also good practice to do this when you arrive to KNC and before walking off trail. 

► Watch out for poison ivy and be sure to do a tick check later in the day.

► Share photos with us on social media with #KNCisWild (Facebook | Instagram) and/or report your success to the WS staff before you leave. We'll keep track of how many bags are being collected and follow up later in the month with our success! 

► Pick 2 or more bags and receive a FREE copy of KNC's recipe book, Pest to Pesto 2. Show a photo of two or more bags of garlic mustard to the Welcome Station host on your way out and they will place a copy on your windshield. During the garlic mustard pull week, KNC is relaxing its no-foraging policy so you can bring some home to try in a recipe - all parts of the plant are edible.  Pest to Pesto 2 is full of great recipes from top local chefs!