A Universe at your front doorKalamazoo Nature Center Summer Reading Program 2020

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A Universe at Your Front Door
Blast off with the Kalamazoo Nature Center this summer to explore the unknown right here on planet Earth! Space may be the final frontier, but sometimes we forget what makes our planet the perfect space station to base our investigation of the stars. Learn about our planet’s place in the galaxy, and how it is home to some truly extraordinary plants, fungi, and animals—even meet a few of their animal ambassadors! Some animals in Michigan are so spectacular, they seem almost alien.

Incredible Insects
Have you ever taken a moment to observe those ants in the parking lot, scurrying underfoot? Or that spider building its web on your mailbox? In this one-hour program, we invite you to learn a little more about our bug friends, including how to tell insects from arachnids and myriapods! Insects may be small, but they can be found thriving in diverse habitats all around the world; there is much we can learn from insects and their arthropod friends. Program includes interaction with live bugs!

Once Upon a Raptor
What’s in your story? Maybe your family, your home, what you like to eat? How is your story different from a Michigan raptors? Maybe it’s not so different! During this one-hour Birds of Prey special, KNC's educators will take the audience into the lives and habits of four unique birds. Appropriate for classrooms, community groups and auditorium assemblies. Program includes touchable artifacts and our different species of live raptors!

Wildlife Neighbors
Communities are all around us. Just like our schools and cities, natural communities work together to be successful. In this one hour program, we’ll explore the jobs, tools, and talents of many of our wildlife neighbors, as well as our own place in nature’s community. Appropriate for groups of any size, and recommended for 3rd grade and up, this program will focus on different animal roles within their communities, and we’ll meet up with three of our wildlife neighbors along the way.



Program Fees: $275 per library, school or community group less than 250 people. Travel fees apply for locations more than 65 miles round trip from the Kalamazoo Nature Center. Discounts for multiple programs and locations are available.

Call 269-381-1574 x 24 or email Register@NatureCenter.org for more information and to register for a program.


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