Wood FrogVernal Pool Patrol Workshop

Saturday, April 6, 10 am - 3 pm (classroom & fieldwork) 
Members $20, Non-Members $25

Meet: Heronwood Field Station, 6378 Hart Drive, Kalamazoo, MI  49009

Little information is currently available on the status, distribution, and ecology of vernal pools in Michigan.  This information is needed to effectively manage and protect these unique and important wetlands.  The Vernal Pool Patrol is a statewide vernal pool mapping and monitoring program that was launched in 2012 to help address this need. This program relies on citizen scientists, educators, students, and community partners to help identify and map locations of vernal pools in their local communities, and collect information about them, following a standard protocol. The information collected in the field will be added to a statewide vernal pool database, which can be used by a variety of stakeholders to assess and track the status and distribution of vernal pools, and to manage and protect these important wetlands in Michigan.   This workshop consists of training in the classroom and in the field.  The classroom portion will cover what vernal pools are, why are they important, plant and animal species found in vernal pools, and what the Vernal Pool Patrol program entails.  The field portion will include visiting and exploring a vernal pool, and learning how to collect data using the vernal pool monitoring protocol and how to identify the vernal pool indicator species as well as other plants and animals often found in vernal pools.  Register by April 4.  
All age levels are welcome, but we recommend children have a keen interest in learning about vernal pools and survey methods. 

Cancellation Policy: For cancellation prior to registration deadline, a $5 processing fee per registrant will be retained by KNC. Between registration deadline and day of program, a 25% processing fee per registrant, with a minimum of $5, will be retained by KNC. No refunds day of event or after.