Let’s support BOP in February!

Some of the comments we hear repeatedly from visitors are about their first impressions of meeting a KNC Bird of Prey (BOP) up close. From children to adults, the interactions with these majestic birds create lifelong memories. They also create tangible connections to each animal’s importance in the natural world. For decades, KNC has provided home to BOP who, for myriad reasons, cannot be returned to the wild. Each of these BOP Animal Ambassadors has a story to tell.

During the month of February, we hope to raise $8,000 toward their care and feeding during our first-ever crowdfunding effort. Please join us on February 1 to get the momentum going through KNC’s website and social media. Follow related stories, videos and photos. Leave comments, donate if you can, and share the LOVE during this month-long effort. Help us “BOP” our goal over the fence.

Turkey Vulture
Rufous and Hannah