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Are you looking to add some fun to your next virtual company meeting?  Add one of our Wild Animal Ambassadors to your next virtual work meeting, family get together or even a party! We are ready to customize a fun, virtual experience everyone will enjoy and remember.  Select animals are accompanied by an educator that can answer questions and share fun facts about your cameo guest.  Just choose your animal and we will make this customizable online experience a meeting to remember!

15-minute VIP Mystery Meeting Crasher - $100

Virginia Opossum  |  Barred Owl  |  Red-tailed Hawk  |  Great Horned Owl  |  2 Eastern Screech Owls  |  Blanding’s Turtle – Protected Species  |  Central Rat Snake – Protected Species  |  Pygmy Goat    

15-minute Casual Mystery Meeting Crasher - $75

Eastern Screech Owl  |  Eastern Box Turtle – Protected Species  |  Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches  |  Curly Haired Tarantula  |  Painted Turtle (baby or adult)    |  Tiger Salamander  |  Corn Snake  |  Blue Racer

30-minute VIP Online Educator Experience - $150​

Invite a Kalamazoo Nature Center educator to bring a VIP Educator Experience to your next virtual birthday party, baby-sitter, happy hour, or meeting. This is a fun way to sneak in some education for children and adults alike.  This is also a great way to give a gift to seniors and children in centers or even hospitals a way to feel connected to the outdoors.

Times are available seven days a week 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Earlier or later times available by request.

Contact Jen Rice at jrice@naturecenter.org to schedule.