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Activities for All Ages
Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

Did you know that a colorful plate of fruits and veggies is a nutritionally diverse plate? When you “eat the rainbow,” you get different phytonutrients from each color that provide many benefits for your body.
Make a recipe using fresh food from every color of the rainbow, and share your recipe photos with us!  Learn more and get a recipe on the KNC Fair Food Matters page!

KNC Kids: Nature Activities
Ice Cube Painting

Ice Cube Painting

Freeze some food coloring into an ice cube for frozen water color painting. Place a popsicle stick or similar object inside for a handle. You can use a cookie sheet for a tray. Thanks to Nature's Way Preschool for the great idea!

Frog Hops

Frog Hops

Guess how many frog hops to the end of your driveway and back. Hop and count. How close did you get? How many hops to your mailbox, how many hops to an object in your yard...keep guessing, keep playing!

Busqueda del Tesoro

Busqueda del Tesoro

¿Qué mejor manera de pasar un día afuera que con una pequeña aventura? ¡Salga a caminar e intente encontrar todos los artículos!

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Birding with John & Liam

Meet Carmen & Juni!

Creature Features via Facebook Live

Creature Feature: Eastern Screech Owls

Birds & Blossoms

Eastern Bluebird

A note from Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory Director Rich Keith:

"Spring migration has begun! Waterfowl are still staging here in significant numbers and sparrows, blackbirds and others are coming in daily.  By mid-April warblers will arrive. This is one of my favorite times of year. Birdwatching is a cheap sport, doesn't need a crowd to be enjoyed, and provides significant emotional benefit. Go outside, look up, and enjoy."

Check back for a how-to on using birding apps soon!

Virtual Field Trips

Kids with binoculars

Take a (Virtual) Field Trip!

There are a number of museums offering online resources during this time. Explore the Field Museum, the Smithsonian, and the American Museum of Natural History, just to name a few.