Explorers Camp: Grades 1-3

Become a nature Explorer! Spend the day outdoors discovering the wonders of prairies, forests, and wetlands. Play games with new friends, and cool counselors. Get creative in the camp Art Room, explore the Water Tower Sprinkler and more in the Nature Play Area and hiking KNC trails. Explore all the possibilities! The themes below describe additional activities we will add during that session of camp. Come prepared to play!


Learn more about each week’s themes below.

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Financial Assistance
We are grateful to a KNC donor community that believes all young people should have the chance to enjoy and learn from formative, summer experiences. Our donors make it possible for KNC to minimize financial barriers that would otherwise limit access to KNC Camp. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please fill out the form during the Camp registration process. Contact the Registrar above with questions.

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Session Themes

Session 1: June 13-17 |  Habitat Haven
Wetlands, prairies, forests oh my! Hike KNC’s grounds to search for different habitats. Discover what animals live in each. Build a fort in the forest and catch bugs with nets in the prairie.

Session 2: June 20-24  |  Crafting Critters
Animals can be artists, just like you! Build nests, make tracks and design webs to unleash your inner animal..er…artist!

Session 3: June 27 – July 1  |  Reptiles and Ribbits
If you think turtles are terrific and frogs are fun, then hop this way! Go for a hike to look for animals in the wold and then get an up-close look at KNC’s education animals to discover their defining characteristics.

Session 4: July 11-15  |  Garden Adventures
Dig right in! Find out what’s been growing by exploring the garden camp side and help to make plants grow for weeks to come. Visit the DeLano Farms Garden to pick some flowers and meet a chicken.

Session 5: July 18-22  |  Paleo-Sleuths
Become a dinosaur detective, unearthing fossil evidence and following the clues in Earth’s history to learn more about prehistoric animals. Meet a dino relative to see how they compare with their ancestors.

Session 6: July 25-29  |  Insect Impossible
I spy with my little eye, insects! Play games that mimic bugs’ super skills and go on a bug safari to find their “hideouts.” Get up close with live bugs and learn why insects would make the best secret agents on Earth.

Session 7: August 1-5  |  Adapting to Survive
Learn how to live in the woods from master survivalists – animals! Discover what special tools animals use to live outside and then practice outside skills like shelter building to see what works best.

Session 8: August 8-12  |  Last Splash
Last call for summer fun! Dive into the world of water by exploring ponds, streams, rivers and more. Learn to read the sky, find water in hidden places and meet aquatic animals!

Neurodiversity Naturalist Camp: 5-8 years old

Session 2: June 20-24  |  Uniquely You


Explore nature through your own lens. This camp is aimed at supporting the needs of our campers with special needs. KNC aims to provide experiences for all young ones to learn, experience, and find joy in nature. Each day will be filled with wonder, each day an exploration, sensory friendly play, nature art, hands on activities, and learnings of different aspect of our environment and how it works together. Animal habitats, geology, mapping, and getting to know our solar system are each topic for different days. This camp will be staffed by a trained teacher with a special education certification. Supporting counselors will receive additional training and allow for ratios of 1 adult to every 3 children. All youth are welcome to apply to every camp program we offer. We will work to meet the needs of your child in any session.