In the Garden

Fair Food Matters

It’s been said, “You never really know something unless you teach it to someone else.” KNC’s Fair Food Matters program practices this philosophy with a twist: “You never really know your food unless you grow it yourself.” In 2020, with Growing Knowing as our motto, we connected with our students despite a global pandemic. With live on-line lessons and home deliveries of fresh food ingredients, FFM staff and volunteers made the impossible – a virtual garden – possible.
Now, with FFM’s summer programs in full swing, we’re preparing for a return to in-person instruction in the fall. Some 300+ K-5 students will soon gather in our Woodward Elementary Garden for hands-on lessons that connect math, science and language arts with the natural world. They’ll also learn about equity and the universal necessity of access to fresh, healthy food. But to make up for lost ground, we need your support. With your help, FFM can:
Develop curriculum for our new EcoShed. Thanks to a Jim Gilmore, Jr. Foundation grant, this outdoor building will house FFM supplies and equipment – and so much more. It will have a solar panel to produce power for lighting and an electric lawn mower; rooftop plants to demonstrate how green roofs work, barrels that capture rainwater for garden use, and a composter to reuse food waste. The EcoShed offers rich opportunities for learning about sustainability, provided we can build them into our curriculum.
Support FFM staffing costs. FFM operates under the auspices of KNC. While many donors generously support KNC in general, donations to cover FFM program costs – staffing most especially – are essential to FFM’s success. Our devoted educators are the backbone of the FFM programs impact on students and their families.
Expand Community Outreach.  FFM students eagerly share their enthusiasm for fresh foods with friends and family members. In summer, we home-deliver supplies for students to grow veggies in containers, supplemented by fresh produce to make simple dishes such as salsa and salads. With your support, we can expand our summer program efforts to reach more FFM families in the year ahead.
When you see children delight at their first taste of a garden tomato, there’s no question that “growing is knowing.” With your timely help, FFM will build even stronger connections between food, nature, equity, and academic promise in the year ahead.