Scholarship Fund

“In spring, at the end of the day,” said novelist Margaret Atwood, “you should smell like dirt.” At the Kalamazoo Nature Center, we think that also applies to summer. Especially for children. That’s why we believe in the joyful, life-changing connection to nature that kids make at KNC summer camp. (Along with leaves in their hair and grass-stained knees.)

Can you think of a time when kids needed nature more? We certainly can’t. After two years of screen time and isolation, it’s hard to imagine better medicine than a glorious, carefree week outside. More than ever, kids need a green, quiet place where they can search the sky for clouds that look like beagles or dinosaurs. Where they can watch crayfish skitter in the clear shallows of Trout Run. Where they can play with other kids in a summer ritual that should be every kids’ birthright.

That’s why we ask you to support KNC’s Financial Assistance Program. From summer camp to community-based programs, the ability to provide tuition fees for kids of all ages and backgrounds creates an equal opportunity to experience fun, friendship, and discovery at KNC.

Summer camp at KNC. We think it’s about time, and hope that you do too.