Heron sculpture in KNC Arboretum

Arts at KNC

Whether it's supporting local artists at the Buy Local Art & Gift Fair, taking part in a workshop, taking in an exhibition in the Glen Vista Gallery, or exploring sculpture in the Arboretum, there's always something amazing to see at KNC! 

Glen Vista Gallery

The Glen Vista Gallery is a 1,300 square foot gallery space which acts as a space for artists to exhibit nature-related artwork. NOTE: While the gallery is typically open to the public, there are certain times when a class or other organization will use the space or have it reserved for a special event.  Please call ahead at 269-381-1574 ext. 0 to verify gallery hours.

Current Artist in the Glen Vista:

Jim Triezenberg photography

Jim Triezenberg, Invisible Nature
Infrared photography
Exhibition runs January 2 - February 24

In the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun, our eyes are sensitive to a narrow band of wavelengths that we perceive as the rainbow of colors from red through violet and the colors in between. Below what we see as red lies the infrared. Whereas the human eye cannot detect this wavelength, the world looks different if viewed using this portion of the spectrum. A digital camera modified to block the visible wavelengths while recording the infrared allows a spectacular, otherwise invisible realm to be visualized. Green foliage and white clouds reflect infrared light and glow brightly.

Many people unfamiliar with infrared photography often mistake leaves and grass for snow. Water and clear blue skies absorb infrared energy and appear dark. An object that is a lighter shade under visible light may look darker when photographed in infrared. In fact, the red, white, and blue colors of the flag can appear as a single shade when photographed in infrared. Skin, fur, and feathers appear lighter and softer. Although atmospheric haze may scatter or attenuate visible wavelengths, infrared can pass through; allowing the horizon or distant objects to be photographed more clearly. Indeed, “seeing” in infrared allows us to view the natural world in ways we might have never imagined.

By manipulating the images on a computer, a "false color" effect can be applied. Some photographs are more artistic when colorized, while others are more appealing in black and white. On some photos, a technique called High Dynamic Range, or HDR, has been employed. This involves combining several images of the same scene taken at different exposures in order to bring out richer detail that would have otherwise been lost in both the brighter and darker parts of the photograph. The photographs in this exhibit are printed on aluminum, providing an artistic “glow” to the image.

I have been an avid photographer for over three decades, getting my first "real" camera, a Pentax K-1000, back in high school and graduating to an automatic/auto-focus camera some years later. I originally shot primarily slide film, and experimented with multi-projector sound synchronized presentations. Videography and the creative possibilities it affords is now an integral part of my work, and digital photography and video editing have replaced the slides and projectors I previously used. I began shooting digital infrared in 2004, and it remains among my favorite means of making images.

Buy Local Art & Gift Fair

Buy Local Art & Gift Fair2018 Buy Local Art & Gift Fair will be December 8, 9am-4pm
Online artist applications will open in June

The Buy Local Art & Gift Fair is not your ordinary art fair! More than 50 local artisans transform the Visitor Center with their creative displays and top-quality work. Visitors enjoy chatting with the artists and vendors, surrounded by the beauty of the winter woods. KNC supports buying local and gives back to the community by offering FREE ADMISSION to both the Art & Gift Fair and the beautiful winter trails.


Sculpture Tour

Heron Sculpture in KNC Arboretum

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Arboretum on a self-guided Sculpture Tour.  Some are easy to find, such as the beautiful marble "Snowy Owl" by Paul Keeslar.  Others, like Robert Cumpston's "Squirrel," are a bit more of a fun challenge ... see if you can find his hiding place!

Stop in to Guest Services to pick up a copy of the Sculpture Tour brochure or view it online here.