Hiking trails at KNC

Trails at KNC

The Kalamazoo Nature Center is home to miles of trails winding through woods, wetlands, and prairies.


To view the interactive trail map below, expand the legend icon at the top left, click on any trail for details, or go to the "View Larger Map" icon in the right corner for more options, including satellite view.

Please Note: The interactive map is in progress and not all trails are exact as new trails are added and modified.


Fern Valley Trail  |  0.8 miles, Difficult

Steep descent to small pond. Look for signs of deer and wild turkeys. Huge maples can be found in the sugar grove.

Prairie Pathway loops | 0.9 mile/0.5 mile | Easy

Easy walk through fields to a reconstructed prairie that is awash with color from May through September. 

Arboretum Loop | 0.5 mile loop | Easy

Enjoy easy pathways with favorites including the Hummingbird-Butterfly Garden, Sculpture Tour, and Nature’s Playground.

Fern Valley | 0.8 mile loop | Difficult

Steep descent to small pond. Look for signs of deer and wild turkeys. Huge maples can be found in the sugar grove.

Ridge Run | 0.7 mile | Moderate

Hike through woodlands, pine plantations, and old meadows. Includes a short, steep climb. 

Habitat Haven | 0.7 mile loop | Easy 

Accessible trail through pond, fen, stream, and forest habitats with a spur trail into the middle of the fen. 

Beech Maple | 0.7 mile loop | Moderate

Hike through an old growth beech-maple forest along a stream. Spring wildflowers bloom abundantly and owls can be heard.

River Walk | 0.2 mile | Easy

Follow Trout Run to where it empties into the Kalamazoo River. Discover aquatic life in the stream or watch birds along the river. 

Cooper's Overlook | 0.2 mile | MODERATE

Hike along a ridge overlooking Trout Run Stream. Find many wildflowers in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall. 

Raptor Ridge | 0.4 mile loop | difficult

Climb to one of the highest points in the county for views of the Kalamazoo River valley. Examine rocks in the old gravel pit.


Bluebird Trail | 2.7 mileS loop | DIFFICULT

Trek to the southern border of KNC through the 140-acre prairie, into the forest, and back through the gravel pit. 

Pioneer Woods | 0.6 mile | Moderate

Take a tour into the past and visit the DeLano Homestead, the pioneer log cabin, and the sugar shack (buildings open for special events).

Wilderness Trail | 0.3 mile | EASY

A mowed grass trail running past the farmyard and into the woods. Look for animals near the small streams along the trail.

Source Pond | 0.9 mile | Moderate

Walk through farm fields and forest to the pristine Source Pond. Look for pileated woodpeckers, turtles, and other wildlife.

Green Heron Ravine | 0.5 mile | Moderate

Hike through a young forest and past small ponds to a tunnel under North Westnedge Avenue.

Trout Run | 0.8 mile | Moderate 

Walk in a mature forest overlooking Trout Run Stream. A cattail marsh borders the stream. 

Headwaters Trail | 1.0 mile loop | Difficult

This challenging trail heads through towering tulip trees and successional saplings along the edge of the Trout Run watershed.