Work in Progress: Visitor Center’s Iconic Dome

Renovations continue with the new dome in place. Did you know that the new dome’s glass has an added feature to help prevent bird strikes?

Next up:

  • An energy-saving, foam-insulated roof to save on heating and cooling costs
  • New roof for the bridge
  • Plans are underway for a new exhibit that will occupy the the Sun Rain Room.

Watch our progress take flight in the months ahead while you enjoy our new Up in the Air: Birds Navigating the Anthropocene exhibit, opening September 9. Read more…

We’ll keep you updated on this exciting project as we strive to highlight KNC’s iconic Visitor Center’s original design by renown architect Alden B. Dow. Questions on the project? Contact Lisa Panich at

Dome Renovation Timeline

New Dome Construction June, 2022

Dome Removal May 4, 2022

Preparing the Space, April 2022