Ecological Services

The Ecological Services team is a division of the Kalamazoo Nature Center designed to work with private and public landowners. Whether you need surveys, planting, treatments, or monitoring, our Ecological Services team can help you find more sustainable solutions for all of your land management needs. 

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Stephanie Bradshaw                           Pronouns: she/her/hers
Ecological Services Administrator
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Our Team Provides


Invasive Species Management

Certified pesticide applicators efficiently identify and treat a wide variety of invasive plant species using multiple techniques that promote quality results as well as environmental health.  

Native Residential Planting

Our team designs and installs live plantings for habitat enhancement or wildlife-friendly residential yards. Plants are locally sourced natives that are thoughtfully chosen to thrive in your yard.  

Prescribed Fire Consultation

Our National Wildfire Coordinating Group certified staff and volunteer firefighters safely execute prescribed fires as a tool for land management. Guidance can be provided for your prescribed fire. 

Natural Shoreline Installation

Certified Natural Shoreline Contractors use bioengineering techniques to protect shorelines from erosion and promote healthy lakes. Assistance with MI DEQ permitting is available.

Large Scale Habitat Creation

Trained staff offer consulting and installation of native seed mixes for prairie and other native habitat reconstruction or enhancement. Available for both residential or corporate projects. 

Ecological Inventory & Surveying

Biologists provide a multitude of surveys including floristic quality analysis and botanical inventory, avian and invasive species surveys, as well as post-burn fire monitoring.

Wetland Mitigation

Our team assists wetland mitigation establishment with native plants and invasive species removal. This work not only helps to divert stormwater runoff but also provides valuable widlife habitat.

Bio-Control for Purple Loosestrife

KNC provides Galerucella beetles as a safe and effective method of controlling invasive purple loosestrife. Beetles are raised on host plants and sold in pots of 500-1000 beetles each.

Wildlife Certifications for Corporations

Experienced staff will guide and assist large corporations in obtaining wildlife certifications through on-site land mangement and awareness projects to help reach strategic environmental goals.