Fox squirrel looking up to treeJoin KNC for Homeschool Adventures!

​KNC offers outdoor hands on learning experiences for homeschool families throughout the learning year . We hope to be back soon with our homeschool programs in 2021.

As with many things everywhere, COVID has caused a lot of adjustments to our work.  We have made a pivotal shift toward supporting school kids who are lacking the resources to do school in a virtual school-at-home setting.  Data shows that early 8,000 youth lack the essential support to be able to participate in the virtual school requirement.  Unfortunately this is their only option.  This leaves a large number of our community families at severe risk of falling far behind peers fortunate enough to have more resources to support our current reality. Due to this huge community need. KNC is shifting resources to support as many of these kids as we can.  This has postponed our ability to put together our homeschool curriculum at this time. 

In the meantime, please check out our new Pop Up Nature programs! These programs can be scheduled onsite or we can come to you. Pop-up programs offerings will update change throughout the seasons. Learn more about these programs here.

Thank you for your patience while we make major adjustments to our work. Check back this winter for homeschool program updates.