Please note: The Kalamazoo Nature Center does not accept injured or orphaned animals and is not a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Each year KNC receives hundreds of phone calls from concerned individuals who’ve encountered wildlife they believe to be injured, abandoned, or behaving strangely. We’re happy to provide callers with accurate information and up-to-date resources that address their individual situation. Our priority is to help the caller determine what action, if any, is needed.

Understandably, our first impulse may be to act in a noble way on the creature’s behalf. Yet often, we help callers see that the animal’s actions are normal and that they should leave it as they’ve found it; many baby animals, for example, spend most of their day alone. In cases where intervention may be needed, KNC can, by phone, guide callers to the next steps and/or link them to those with expertise for that specific animal and situation.

White tailed fawn

While the Kalamazoo Nature Center is not a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, we maintain relationships with many of the best facilities in Michigan. Should rehabilitation be necessary, we can direct callers to skilled rehabilitators who are certified by the Michigan DNR. If you are concerned about an injured or orphaned animal, please seek guidance before moving or touching the animal, as only licensed wildlife rehabilitators may possess abandoned or injured wildlife in Michigan.

For more information, visit the links below:
MDNR – Wildlife & Habitat
The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council has a very comprehensive site with information on individual species.