Welcome to KNC’s Live Owl Cam,

where you can watch an active nest of great-horned owls (Bubo virginianus) as they grow.

Please note, this is a live nature camera. Live prey may be brought to the nest and other acts of nature may be seen occurring. Viewing is best in afternoon and evening based on the angle of the sun. The camera is on KNC property in an area not accessible to the public.

To watch these active owlets, just click the Play button below!

Owlets 4-29-23 by Jim Triezenberg

About the Owls

  • Great Horned Owls nest in late February – March, and typically lay 2-4 eggs
  • These owlets hatched around April 1 and are about 4 days apart
  • The owlets remain in the nest for about six weeks
  • They take flight at about seven weeks, and are confident flyers by about 10 weeks

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