Ruby Throated HummingbirdAdopt a Hummingbird 

KNC’s Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory (KVBO) has been using bird banding as a tool to help better understand migration patterns, longevity, dispersal and stop over of both breeding and migrating birds at our two locations, the Kalamazoo Nature Center and Pittsfield, for over 30 years.

Adopting a Hummingbird is a unique and rewarding way to help our bird banding program and contribute to our bird banding program studies.

You have two choices for your adoption packets.

Electronic version $25:

  • Will be emailed within 48 hours to the email recipient. Includes a certificate with your name, fact sheet, and photo of a hummingbird banded through KNC’s KVBO.
  • Your information will be added to the banded log and you will be notified if your hummingbird is ever recaptured.
  • Hummingbird banded information is only included with the hard copy version.

Hard copy version $50:

  • An electronic version will be emailed to the purchaser.
  • The hard copy will be mailed to the address you provide.
  • Includes a certificate with your name, a photo, and a profile for an individual hummingbird banded through the KVBO.
  • You will be notified if your hummingbird is ever recaptured.

PDF of the Adoption Certificate is embedded in the confirmation email sent to the purchaser. The document will need to be downloaded and emailed to the recipient, or the email can be forwarded. 

If you would like for the Adoption Certificate to be emailed to the recipient right away, please enter their information as the purchaser and enter your information in the billing section.

Adopt a hummingbird online below, or call (269) 381-1574 ext. 0 and the Guest Services staff will be happy to take your adoption over the phone. Thank you for your support of KNC’s Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory!

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