Symbolically adopt an animal at KNC!

Adopting an animal, hummingbird, or butterfly is an exciting way to support KNC’s related programs and learn more about these amazing animals.

Eastern Screech Owl at KNCAdopt an Animal

Symbolically adopting an animal is an exciting way to support KNC’s Animal Ambassadors Program and learn more about these amazing animals.

Your adoption helps to provide care for an animal at KNC, gives an unreleasable animal a permanent home (they will live and be cared for here at KNC), and supports educational programming.

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Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Adopt a Hummingbird

The Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory (KVBO) has been using bird banding as a tool to help better understand migration patterns, longevity, dispersal and stop over of both breeding and migrating birds at our two locations, the Kalamazoo Nature Center and Pitsfield, for over 30 years.

Symbolically adopting a hummingbird is a unique and rewarding way to help our bird banding program and contribute to our bird banding program studies.

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Monarch Butterfly

Adopt a Butterfly

Your adoption supports KNC’s Michigan Butterfly Network (MiBN) in the research of Michigan’s changing populations and quality of Michigan ecosystems. It also suports our engagement of the Michigan public in significant community science research.

The MiBN hosts butterfly monitor training each spring, as well as public butterfly field trips to natural areas around Kalamazoo. Learn more on the MiBN and upcoming programs here.

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Thank you to everyone who adopted an animal in 2021!

Barred Owl

Adrienne Cheff  |  Sara and Matthew Dean  |  Amaia Durham  |  Chloe and Madeleine Flowers  |  Philip and Lynne Heasley  |  The Randall family  |  Pam Williamson  |  Laura Porter 


John Porter  |  Gisela Zimmer 

Eastern Box Turtle

Marc Barton  |  Benjamin Caldwell  |  Philip and Lynne Heasley  |  Henrik Hughson  |  Archer Landreville  |  Natalia Linebaugh  |  The Randall family 

Eastern Garter Snake

Marc Barton  |  The Randall family

Eastern Screech Owl

Adrienne Cheff  |  Hayden, Harlow, & Hadley Dibble-Valette   |  The Randall family 

Great Horned Owl

Kara Carter


Jordan Burch  |  Kyla Burch  |  Robert Burch  |  Bill Counts  |  Grace Gawronski  |  Annemarie Ghesquiere  |  Ivelone Hodges  |  Rebecca Krampf  |  Roger Larson  |  Tina Murphy  |  Ginna Roeding  |  Lyn Sievert  |  Nicole Starbuck-Schnelle  |  Pecca vi  |  Cynthia Zemaitis 


Kendyl Ash  |  Marc Barton  |  Augustine Carrier  |  Kristina Gibbs-Ruby  |  Anne B. May  |  Mike Palazuk  |  The Randall family  |  Ariel Schwab  |  Libby Tammell  |  Aaron Williams  |  Kelsey Wolfe 

Red-tailed Hawk

Michael Glenn  |  The Randall family  |  Amy Shreve

Rough-legged Hawk

Scott Truhn