The Trail to Sustainability

Acheiving carbon neutrality by 2035

Follow Along on the Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Stewardship in Action

At Kalamazoo Nature Center, we believe that it is our responsibility to inspire people to discover, enjoy, value, and care for nature – fostering strong interconnections with the natural world. That’s why we are embarking on the Trail to Sustainability to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. Through grant funding and donor dollars from folks like you, we can honor our deep commitment to being good stewards of the land. Come hike along with us on our journey to a greener future.

Building a Brighter Future for All

Solar Array in prairie

Improving Our Facilities

It is important to invest in new technology focused on sustainability to update our facilities and reduce our carbon footprint.

Fall foliage over nature center

Committing to Change

Our survival depends on the action we take now. As an organization that centers nature, we feel a deep responsibility of being good stewards of the planet.

Hiking in prairie

Educating the Community

As we embark on this journey, we hope to inspire more sustainable practices throughout our community – and the nation.

Blazing a Trail Forward


Emissions Reduction

Minimize our renewable energy outflow via solar panels and other alternative energy sources.

EV Fleet and Charging

Converting our fleet of vehicles to electric and offering on-site charging for patrons.

Educational Exhibit

Measure and verify energy systems performance through an educational exhibit that’s open to the public.

KNC Arboretum

How Can You Get Involved?

Want to hike along with us on the Trail to Sustainability? We are seeking donations to help make our lofty
goal happen by 2035. Your dollars will go directly to Kalamazoo Nature Center. If a donation is out of reach,
we are always looking for volunteers at KNC, too! Join us in whatever way you can.