Conservation Stewardship

The Conservation Stewardship Department leads KNC’s scientific and land management activities. Our team’s specialties include one of the nation’s oldest bird banding programs, citizen science programming, critical conservation work for local endangered species issues, and managing wildlife habitat on our own lands and beyond (using prescribed fire, invasive species removal, native plantings, and other strategies). Together with governmental, community, and other partners, we aim to provide education, resources, and technical assistance to improve ecological systems throughout Southwest Michigan.

You can join us! Much of the work performed by the Conservation Stewardship Department would not be possible without the help of volunteers and citizen scientists. If any of the projects below interest you, please contact us to get involved.

Ecological Services

KNC’s Ecological Services crew provides a wide range of high-quality restoration and land management services for clients throughout Michigan. Our team can help you identify and implement sustainable ways to create beautiful and healthy ecological habitats as you manage and care for your land.

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Nest box monitoring of Eastern bluebord

Citizen Science

Citizen science is a collaboration between professional scientists and any member of the general public who is interested in protecting our environment. Through volunteering as a Citizen Scientist, people of all ages, experience levels, and interests work to help gather different kinds of data about nature. 

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Bird Banding


Original scientific research has been a cornerstone of the KNC since its founding in 1960. Current staff are involved in national and regional partnerships and contribute to publications through long-term avian monitoring, imperiled butterfly propagation program, studies of tick abundance and distribution, and more.

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Land Management

The Kalamazoo Nature Center was first formed when concerned citizens rallied together to protect land from encroaching gravel mining operations. Today, we own and protect nearly 1,500 acres of land across 8 properties, balancing critical ecological needs, such as endangered species management, with other KNC priorities, like enhancing visitor experiences. 

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