Kleinstuck Spring Migration Bird Surveys

Started in 1973, this survey covers the entire spring migration period and, over the years, has documented 209 species. Check back for weekly updates from April -May each year!

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2023 Kleinstuck Preserve Spring Bird Survey

Blackburnian Warbler

May 1-8, 2023

It finally happened and a large push of birds that were being held up by the weather finally arrived this weekend.  We added 28 new species this week, most from Saturday and Sunday, putting us at 103 species for the year.  There are too many to talk about individually but some of the highlights was…

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April 18-24, 2023

4/18/2023 – 4/24/2023 Well, a very slow week for newly arriving birds.  Only added one new species for this week’s surveys at Kleinstuck and that was a Yellow Warbler that showed up on the 80-degree day and I have not heard or seen it since.  So, this brings us up to 72 species so far…

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Blue Headed Vireo

April 25 – May 1 2023

Another slow week although there looks like a break in the cold temperatures and North winds is coming later this week.  This means you can expect a major push of our summer resident birds returning and many of the migrants will be coming through by this weekend.  As for last week we added 5 new…

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Yellow-rumped Warbler

April 11 – 23, 2023

This past week of surveys can be described as extreme temperature changes. With the beginning of the week in the 80’s and the weekend cold and snowy. Eight new species (Chipping, Field, Lincoln’s, and Swamp Sparrows, House Wren, N. Rough-winged Swallow, Wild Turkey, and Palm Warbler) were added this week bringing the total to 69…

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April 4 – 10, 2023

This week had a bit nicer weather and 8 new species for the week were recorded: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Brown Thrasher, Louisiana Waterthrush, Pine Warbler, Red-tailed Hawk, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Sandhill Crane, and Tree Swallow. The night of April 5th there was a good push of birds and even though I did not pick up any new…

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Trumpeter Swans

March 21-April 3, 2023

The Kleinstuck Preserve Spring Bird Survey has begun again! I started surveying on Tuesday the 21st because I was going to be gone on vacation for the first week of surveys and wanted to get one done before I left. Two volunteers and a staff member covered Kleinstuck for the first week while I was…

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