The Kalamazoo Nature Center (KNC) works with local, national, and international partners to conduct scientific research that supports the restoration and conservation of native habitats and species. Our projects range from short-term actions that address critical conservation needs to multi-decade population studies. KNC’s research program aims to deepen our collective understanding of Michigan’s natural communities and to provide valid information that can inform the activities of land managers, policy makers, and others who care for nature.


Current KNC research areas include:

  • Insect propagation helps to increase wild populations of imperiled insect species, such as the federally endangered Mitchell’s satyr butterfly. 
  • Habitat monitoring examines how native communities and imperiled species are impacted by land management practices.
  • Avian studies via the Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory examine how pests, diseases, and environmental changes impact the distribution and demography of bird species.


Interested in conducting research at the KNC? Contact us at research@naturecenter.org. 

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Biological Research Director