Symbolically Adopt an Animal at the Kalamazoo Nature Center

Adopting an animal is an exciting way to support KNC’s Ambassador Animals Program and learn more about these amazing animals.

Your adoption helps to provide care for an animal at KNC, gives an unreleasable animal a permanent home (they will live and be cared for here at KNC), and supports educational programming. Your adoption is good for an entire year from purchase and is renewable!

You have two choices for your adoption packets. Both include a personalized certificate of adoption, photo of your adopted animal, and fact sheet.

  • Electronic version $25: Will be emailed within 48 hours to the email recipient.
  • Hard copy version $50: An electronic version will be emailed to the purchaser and a hard copy will be mailed to the address you provide.

Meet & Greets with your animal are available for $20. Please choose a Meet & Greet option during the registration process, then schedule a time to meet your animal with a KNC staff member. Please call to arrange your Meet & Greet ten days in advance for scheduling.


Rufous and Hannah
Hannah and Rufous, the Eastern Screech-owl, get ready for a program.
Adam and Tukey
Adam and Tukey the Turkey Vulture visit with guests at Maple Sugar Festival.

Adopt an animal of your choice online below, or call (269) 381-1574 ext. 0 and the Guest Services staff will be happy to take your adoption over the phone. Thank you for your support of KNC’s Animal Ambassadors!


Broad-winged hawk
Eastern Box Turtle
Garter Snake
Eastern Screech Owl at KNC
Oppossum at KNC
Peregrine falcon
Red-tailed hawk
Fudge the Rough-legged Hawk
Turkey Vulture